Beginners Guide to NFTs VII: What are “Cool Cats”?

Image: Cool Cats NFT / Article by Chris Pace

Hello, my crypto friends and welcome back to our series “Beginners Guide to NFTs” we have come a long way, already on our 7th article :D.

Thank you to everyone following this series, if you are new here, welcome aboard.

Today we will be talking about an NFT collection called “Cool Cats”

With nothing else to say, let's get right into it.

What are “Cool Cats”

Cool cats are like most other NFTs, there are 9,999 of them, all randomly generated and stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

They started out as a character by the artist Colin Egan (“clon”), who branded himself “The Catoonist” and sold his drawings to the public, after a long time in July of 2021 to be precise, the Cool Cats NFTs collection was launched with a mint price of only 0,02 ETH ($44 dollars).

As the name suggests they are very cool cats. They are listed with different “cool” levels, one reader than the other. Such as cool, wild, classy, and the rarest of them all, exotic. Remember, all cats are cool but some are cooler than others.

What makes them special?


Users may generate passive income in MILK simply by holding their NFT. This was a great achievement, as the Cool Cats were one of the first profile photos NFT collections to release a game with a functioning economy. The game Cool Cats.

Interesting facts.

  1. The Otherside metaverse trailer from Yuga Labs released on March 18 showed a 3D version of a Cool Cat NFT. The next day, Cool Cats saw an inevitable spike in their sales with 199 sales on OpenSea.
  2. With all the traits available you can make up to 300 thousand combinations! isn't that cooool? (ba dum tss)
  3. During the minting of the NFTs, there were 9 unknown super rare NFTs.
  4. When owning a Coolcat you have non-exclusive rights, meaning you can use your NFT in a shirt, or even your car.


Well, this was it.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that you were able to learn something new about the NFT world.

As always… see you next time.

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Chris Pace.



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